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Churches in Princeton, Illinois

Churches in Princeton, IllinoisPrinceton, IL and the surround area is home to a variety of warm and welcoming places of worship.

Churches covering a wide range of denominations help provide our hometown with a sense of community, culture and education as well as a place of faith and worship for both residents and visitors a like.

Assembly of God

The People Church, Princeton, IllinoisThe People Church
3525 N Main St.
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 915-8229


Princeton Bible Church, Princeton, IllinoisPrinceton Bible Church
21890 US Hwy 34
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-2933


St. Louis Catholic Church, Princeton, IllinoisSt. Louis Catholic Church
616 S Gosse Blvd
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-0181


First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Princeton, IllinoisFirst Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
105 S Main Street
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-0916

Church of Christ

Church of Christ, Princeton, IllinoisChurch of Christ
211 N Plesant St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 872-7871


Hampshire Colony Congregational Church, Princeton, IllinoisHampshire Colony Congregational Church
604 South Church Street
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-2329


Evangelical Covenant Church, Princeton, IllinoisEvangelical Covenant Church
24 N Main St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-2124

Evangelical Free

Christ Community Church, Princeton, IllinoisChrist Community Church
1719 S Euclid Ave
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-3227


First Lutheran Church, Princeton, IllinoisFirst Lutheran Church of Princeton
116 N Pleasant St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-1685

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Princeton, IllinoisSt. John Evangelical Lutheran Church
"The Church on the Hill"
15199 2825 E St
Princeton IL 61356
(815) 875-2313
Pastor Kim Lee-Brown

St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Princeton, IllinoisSt. Matthews Lutheran Church
416 E Dover Rd
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-6491
Pastor Scott Schmidt


First United Methodist Church, Princeton, IllinoisFirst United Methodist Church
316 S Church St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 872-2821


New Hope Church of the Nazarene, Princeton, IllinoisNew Hope Church of the Nazarene
30 N 6th St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-1900


United Pentecostal Church, Princeton, IllinoisUnited Pentecostal Church
2303 S Main St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 872-1831


Presbyterian Church, Princeton, IllinoisPresbyterian Church
320 Park Ave E
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 875-1306
Reverend Brian Hall

Southern Baptist

Bethel Baptist Church, Princeton, IllinoisBethel Baptist Church
1028 S 6th St
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-9181

United Church of Christ

Open Prairie United Church of Christ, Princeton, IllinoisOpen Prairie United Church of Christ
25 E Marion St
Princeton, IL  61356
(815) 872-1661


Princeton Wesleyan Church, Princeton, IllinoisPrinceton Wesleyan Church
421 E Dover Rd
Princeton, IL 61356
(815) 879-4481